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Sewer Laterals

The sewer lateral pipelines (sewer laterals) are owned and maintained by the property owner. Please see the picture below showing the demarcation of the property owner’s responsibility and the District’s responsibility.

Some tips on maintaining your sewer lateral.

  • Sewer laterals should be equipped with a backflow preventer and cleanout. The reason for these devices are to help prevent sewer backups onto the property. The cleanout is utilized to clean the sewer lateral.
  • Periodically inspect and repair (if necessary) the sewer lateral and backflow preventer.
  • Use a qualified plumber to inspect and repair your sewer lateral
  • Do not flush wipes down the sewer system – they will clog the drain and could cause sewer backups.
  • Do not pour grease down your sink.
  • Do not connect outdoor drains or roof downspouts to your sewer lateral
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