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Welcome to Emerald Bay Service District

EBSD Services:

Fresh Water Supply
and Water Conservation

EBSD provides fresh water supply under contract with the Laguna Beach County Water District (LBCWD). LBCWD administers all water billings and its water crews maintain all pipelines and connections/disconnections. EBSD passes through the water rates with no added charges. LBCWD’s Customer Service phone number is 949-494-1041. Read more about smart water meters, backflow testing, conservation tips, our water system and water supply source.

Sewer System

EBSD is empowered to collect, transfer, treat and dispose of sewage. EBSD maintains all sewer collection pipelines, and 7 sewer pumping (lift) stations within its jurisdiction. The South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) provides the treatment and conveyance of wastewater in South Orange County. Read more about the sewer system.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is currently provided by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA). OCFA Station 11 is within the district. EBSD leases the fire station property from the Emerald Bay Community Association (EBCA) and in turn subleases the fire station to the OCFA. Firefighters at Station 11 are trained by OCFA and serve as volunteers on call for any emergency. Read more about fire protection.
Orange County Fire Station 11

Trash and Solid Waste

EBSD collects and removes all trash on the beach, the creek, and the common areas of the district. EBSD funds this service through solid waste collection by Waste Management.

Street Improvement,
Maintenance and Repair

EBSD provides for the engineering of the removal and replacement of the curbs and gutters along the streets of Emerald Bay. In addition, EBSD funds and maintains the storm drain pipes for hydrology, flood control and diversion of nuisance water as well as other infrastructure improvements. Read more about street improvement, maintenance and repair.

Parks and Recreation

EBSD evaluates parks and recreation services to be provided annually. EBSD has provided beach lifeguard service during the months of April through October. EBSD typically funds the Emerald Bay Community’s Fourth of July Fireworks display to help promote a fire safe holiday celebration. EBSD has contracted with a barge/tugboat service to discharge the fireworks from the bay for all to enjoy. Read more about parks and recreation.

Law Enforcement and Security

EBSD funds the services of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for police protection. The Orange County Sheriff staff patrols the Emerald Bay Community daily. In addition, EBSD contracts with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for community events such as the Fourth of July. Read more about law enforcement and security.
Police interceptor parked in front of fire station.